Introduction to EJP Lit

Welcome to EJP Lit, where you'll find all my creative works. Everything here is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Write now the stories you'll find here are:
If you're interested in getting new stories as I publish them, I reccomend subscribing to this site's RSS feed (Probably a good idea, since I don't update that often).

One new feature is that you can actually check out the stories I'm writing as they're being written, through Writely's RSS feeds (neat, eh?). I don't plan on publishing anything here prior to when they're finished (which really means "first draft", heh), but I think the transparency of the writing process is neat, so I've enabled that.

I always work on two stories simultaneously (because I find it helps to flip from one to the other when I get stuck). Right now those stories are:
  • The Black - A short story about an interstellar traveler who experiences a miracle in the vast void between stars.
  • Cydonia - A quasi coming of age story that takes place at the Martian colony of Cydonia.
There's still a lot I'd love to do with this site. The only limit are my time and energy (which unfortunately prove to by formiddable barriers at times).